Specialized Contact Lenses

Specialized contact Lenses

Fitting contact lenses can be challenging for some who had pre-existing cornea condition. However, it will become possible with the modern corneal mapping equipment and optometrist’s experience.

Contact lens for Keratoconus

Kerotoconus is a corneal disease that progressively thins and bulges the cornea, resulting in irregular corneal shape and results in high astigmatism. In advanced cases, glasses and soft contact lenses will not provide an acceptable vision due to irregularities of the cornea.

There are several contact lenses option for Keratoconus patients:

1)      Gas Permeable contact lenses for mild and moderate keratoconus, to provide a uniform tear film behind the lens without conforming to the irregularities of the cornea.

2)      Piggyback lenses, where a soft lenses are worn beneath of the GP lenses to provide better comfort for wearers.

3)      Hybrid Contact lenses is a large diameter lenses that has a rigid gas permeable central zone and surrounded by soft lenses material to provide good wearing comfort.

4)      Scleral contact lenses , is a large diameter lenses that rest on the scleral (white part of the eye) and vault over the irregular cornea to provide a stable and comfortable fit.


Contact lenses for Post LASIK patients

Quite often, Post Lasik patients may require additional correction sometime after their surgery and some may not be suitable for second correction. GP and Scleral lenses can be an option to correct the residual refractive error or astigmatism. However, fitting contact lenses on a surgically altered cornea might requires several fitting sessions.



Contact lenses for Presbyopia

Like fitting a pair of bifocal or multifocal glasses, fitting bifocal or multifocal contact lenses are more complex compare to a regular contact lenses. Therefore, finding the ideal fitting contact lenses for presbyopia can be time consuming and costlier than regular lenses.

However, the results are worth the extra time and expense. There are indeed a high number of satisfied patients, as there are decrease in the dependency on reading glasses.

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